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How much does SEO Cost ? SEO Pricing 2021

how much does seo cost

The buzzword of the entire Internet universe is SEO. Everything must be optimized on Internet. But  if you are new, SEO might sound a tad bit intimidating to you. And that is exactly what we are looking to change today.

Now what is SEO or search engine optimization? In layman’s terms, you optimize the content of your website in such a way that it shows up, if everything goes well,  at the top of the search page. See, it’s that simple.

Did you know a 75% of people do not scroll beyond the first page. Therefore, if you need your brand to work out on webpages, you must be visible to them. When people search, your business must rank among the top ranks. And that is what SEO will do for you.

how much does seo cost
Seo Expectation Vs Reality

Expectation Vs Reality

Seo Expectation Vs Reality

Initially you might also have these quite common expectations about how SEO might work for you. Let’s strike them off from the beginning itself, shall we?

Overnight Results
Well crafted Website is all that it takes

High Traffic

SEO is a one time job 

Overnight Results

Many of you while starting off, may believe that after optimizing your content, the search engine will immediately pick your website out of the blue.

What would we have done for a magic like that.

But unfortunately, SEOs also do take sometime to work it’s magic fingers on search engines to rank first . Would you believe if I said it might even take around 12 months to pop out in the first  page. It depends on your niche, competition level and all of that to rank amid the rankers. Hang in there newbies!

build your brand

Well Crafted websites is all that it takes

build your brand

At least a handful of you might be under the impression that having a beautiful website is everything you need for it work. You might think that all it takes is a building of website. Little do you know, that you are just beginning.

For your website to gain momentum, you require not just a website, but also good content to go with it. No matter what trick you use, search engine (which is mostly Google anyway), 

will see right through and check if your content is worthy enough. However, it doesn’t just end there. It takes  blogs, back links and citations to get there.  Guest writing, posting about others blogs etc will also help take your content new people an platforms

High Traffic

high traffic

The next thing that needs the strike is the ever common myth about high traffic. Most of you might be under the impression that high traffic automatically means sales.

Well, I hate to break it to you. Every lead to your website might not be a sale. They are still  potential customers waiting to be enticed by your content and what you offer. And for that happen you need a SEO optimized content to help you bring those leads to your websites. Your website must lure them into sticking around and ultimately buy into your brand

high traffic
Seo is a one time job

SEO is a one time job 

Seo is a one time job

It is a common belief that optimizing your content once is all that it requires.

How nice would it have been if Google could simply take care of the rest right?

SEO and rankings can change overnight. And for that to not happen, you need to be on top of your game everyday. As technology and innovations take over world, the same applies to SEO. You need to keep polishing your content, keywords to keep the gate open to your website.

So ! How much does SEO Cost? 

There are millions of blogs getting published everyday. Right now, already a thousand blogs might have been published by the time you have read this. Now standing out in this jungle of information, data and blogs might seem a little overwhelming.

And that is why it is so important to optimize your websites. Lest all your hours of content goes waste and buried under a million other blogs. That would bring us to another question. How much do we pay for optimization?

Some established companies charge unreasonably high while some charge the bottom just for the sake of getting business. So how would you know about the right deal for your website?

One thing that we need to establish right away before we move along is your mindset. You cannot consider SEO as a cost for your company. But rather see it as an investment that will help your brand grow.

First and foremost, you need to have an idea of what you are looking to achieve. Keeping that in mind, listed below are the most popular plans today

Monthly retainers are the most opted for by businesses . This is especially good for you if you want to entail a full working SEO services to take care of your goals. If you are just starting to optimize, it could take around almost 12 months to achieve what you hope for

Enterprise SEO determines pricing according to the size of the brand or website

Small Business SEO services are the best option if all you need is a push to jump up the ranks. Because of the name, it is likely that anyone would assume that it is meant only for small businesses. However, if your business or website has the potential to expand. This is the way to go.

Contracts– contracts work well when you pay a fee for particular services or consultation. This is great for people testing the SEO waters. It is often project base, and the rate would, of course, depend on the services you need.

What Determines SEO Pricing?

A lot of things go into the decision making of pricing. But there are mainly two important things. Objectives and timeline.

What you would like to achieve is the bottom line of SEO. How much work would be needed to get you what you want decides what services to use to achieve it. Next variable is how fast you would want the page up and running. Although, it does not really stop there either. You also need to keep optimizing your content to stop your competitors from overtaking you. Your niche also plays a solid role. If you are in an already crowded marketplace, it will take more services to help you stand out. While if you are in the less treaded waters, it might cost you less.

All of these factors and many more goes into determining the work you might require. This in turn would determine the pricing of your SEO optimization pack.

Is ther a Standard Pricing for SEO in 2021?

There is no standard price that we can pinpoint to. The price of SEO could start as low as Rs. 2000, although it is highly recommended to avoid low cost SEO  as most would be automated and inefficient. Some services included in basic plans are regional focus, keyword search, analytics, strategy, content editing and optimization, along with custom reports. It could start from around 6000 – 25000 based on the size of the your company as well as theirs, and your need. Most companies charge as low as 25000 per year. SEO hourly rates are also available if you are looking to hire consultants to perform SEO audits.

In short we can determine what is standard for you according to the size your brand or website, the results you re waiting to see, your competitors, and how fast you need them.

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