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Digital Marketing for small business | 10 key benefits

Did you know that 81% of people searched online for a product or service they required? Gone are the days when people sat and searched the yellow pages for the products and services we desire. Cut to 2021, everything has shifted online. If you have an online platform it is quite easy for anyone to find from anywhere at any time.

And if you still haven’t gone online, this is for you. Read on to find a few pointers as to why Digital Marketing for Small Business is important 

Potential Customers

Today, if a person wants to research a product or know about a product, they are more likely to go online. Do you know that they don’t even have to search for you specifically to reach you?

All they have to do is to search products and services, just like the ones you sell. Therefore, we can very well establish that having an online presence would bring you audience who could be your potential customers.

Digital Marketing For Small Business
showcase your product or service |  Digital Marketing for small business

Showcase your products and services

showcase your product or service | Digital Marketing for small business

Now, you can also use Internet as a platform to showcase your products and services. This is so much more effective than the traditional way where only people who walks into your shop would see your portfolio or what you sell. I mean the maximum you could do is advertise in newspapers.

But, having an online presence would completely remove the limitations. Your products and services would be visible to anyone on the internet. Even after business hours!

Build Relationships

key benefits of having an online presence

Social Media is a gold mine! You can interact with your customers and audiences, who could be your potential customers. That too on a more personal note. This can help you find out what your customers need. You can then work your products and services to meet their needs.

If you are looking for hassle free, user friendly platform – then your search ends here. Cause there isn’t a simpler tool than social media to help you engage with your customers

key benefits of having an online presence | Digital Marketing for small business
build your brand

Build your Brand

build your brand

Are you worried that the whole marketing business is going to empty your pockets? What if I told you that websites and social media are one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools out there? It is quite easy to build your brand with a loyal customer base online. In addition to being cost-efficient, it is one thing that a business cannot do without.

Sprout social says that over 76% of people said that they are more likely to buy from a brand they felt connected to.
You can create sales channels by just having a website or social media account. It is also easier to share a word of mouth online, which will help your business tremendously. What more could you ask?


These days reviews play an essential role in decision making process. A staggering 82% of people check out reviews before checking a product out. If you sell as you promise, you will be sure to get positive feedback. Potential customers often check out the positive reviews out before making a purchasing decision


Even if the review isn’t positive, with instant feedback you can improve on your product. This way you can always work in the best interest of your loyal customers.




Researches say that potential customers lose their trust in a business that doesn’t have an online presence. So, having zero online business visibility might mean fewer incoming customers. Today, in order to get people to trust you, you have to have an online presence. There is no two way about it. This not only authenticates you but also lets them know of your products and services. What people have to say about you.

Around the clock

Around the clock

Want to know the best thing about going online? Your products and services are available to your customers long after the working hours. This allows your customers to find your products at any time from anywhere. It is one of the added advantages of having an online presence. Your customers do not have to be bonded by business hours to reach out to you.

Around the clock



Being online gives you a giant pile of data. Are you wondering what use it can be to you? Well, you can use it to understand your customers, their preferences and alter your products and services according to their liking.

It will also let you check if your business is doing well. With data, it doesn’t get more accurate than that. You can compare the growth of your business. Why, you can even decide what approaches work for you and target your audience in the best possible way.

New Customer Problems

New customer problems

It is no secret that some of the major businesses were built around to address the solutions to the problems faced by people. Even during the Great Recession, brands like Uber, Airbnb etc. came about to make things more accessible for people who were hit economically.

Therefore, being online would help you find gaps. You can then make use of these gaps by building solutions to the problems faced by people.

New customer problems
growth potential

Growth Potential

growth potential

So, when you add up customers, cost efficiency, positive reviews, convenience – what do you get? Growth potential! A very well optimised online presence will continue to bring you potential customers. Comparatively to physical presence, online presence lets you connect to a global audience and you can cater to them as well.

Today, investing in an online platform is as important as any other investment of your business. So, if you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for? Now is the time!

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