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A professional website selling plant needed indoor, outdoor, and hanging plants categories with special emphasis being given on each category, their portrayal of attributes, quick loadability, social proof portrayal and search engine visibility.

Key features with multiple-use-cases and search engine optimization:

Product description, product images and product features were elongated and described in detail using a brand book which had the content design, content structure and content flow.

Aligned search engine optimized content with H1, H2, alt tags, meta description and other linking structures

Made a super responsive mobile-friendly website which had quickly loadable web pages for the shop, our products, cart and checkout to help users do shopping very quickly without any glitches, thus, we created good experiences

To help first time user and non-paying users make purchase decisions, social proof and social narrative was put on display

Tools used for developing Oxyfy website

A well-rounded website design and content integration was put forward while keeping in mind the user’s behavioural flow till the payment confirmation page. Analytics on clicks, user flow in tabs, and conversion rate were meticulously tracked. Speed optimisation using advanced caching and speed enhancement solutions like W3 Total Cache, WpRocket and Smushpro were used. Images were cleaned, brightened and glowed to ensure that the quality of the plants reflect clearly in the eyes of the end-user. Emphasis was given to informational and technical content writing.

The Website and Content Challenge with Solutions

The wireframe was fed with initial design and content which kept on iterating to make the flow natural and design and content digestible. Keyword research was done prior to putting the content to ensure that search engine visibility and ranking can be attained later due to its leverage.

All images were retouched with the idea of making them more appealing, clearly natural, and very soothing. Any design flaw or unappealing bloat in design was removed. Images were then relabeled, renamed, tagged, information loaded, and described using content placeholders.



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