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Web Design

Ajay Alex – Freelance Photographer in Kerala

Developed a photogenic website to show happy photos which portray visual storytelling, beautiful abstracts and elegant content projections in website design and structured blocks of content with bespoke features

Key Features & Use cases Involved

Time Taken

1 Month


Jerry Francies

Key features with multiple-use-cases and search engine optimization:

To help capture the essence of the many vistas of photographs, large image placeholders were magnified with the clear distinctions being made between the different photographs and themes 

Created super responsive sectional structures in description and different clickable attributes

Helped end-users understand the content by portraying clear storytelling which elucidated how they can get help in photography from our expert wedding photograph

Focused on delivering emotions like love, trust, affection, happiness, and satisfaction through our placeholders which had images and brief descriptions about them



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