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Web Design

Seventh Blends

Seventh Blends approached us to redesign their eCommerce site in order to increase their online sales and strengthen their brand continuity online and offline. We created a minimal and immersive experience to showcase their Products 


2019 Q1




Seventh Blends

Seventh Blends

They provide tea blends, oil blends, spice blends, and soaps that are made from 100% natural ingredients. This is how nature intended it and your body will love it!


Don’t Sell, Educate – In order to educate people we had created separate pages for their different categories of products and educate users about the USPs of the product which  seventh Blends is selling to the customers


“Cut the Noise” – Goto Amazon and search for Amazon for natural soaps or essential oils you’ll see what we mean about noise, A lot of compaies are doing well and some don’t that was the main challenge we found throughout the entire process 

Services provided

Data Migration

Seventh Blends was working on Wix previously with their previous agency. We were able to use a simple plugin to sync the products, inventory, and other data that transferred over to our custom theme. Saved both teams a lot of time.

Web Design & Development

The new website features a modern and flexible CMS that supports the company needs today and can grow with them into the future. It’s tailored for Seventh blends content



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